In the current day and age, when people look for gifts or products to use around the house, they often go for branded products. This is probably because these products are marketed as the best and they are easy to manufacture in large quantities. Handicrafts are the best alternative for these products. Ranging from clothes, gift items, toys, paintings and sculptures, they make the ultimate choice when looking for that unique taste. Some people consider them to be traditional products and therefore backdated but handicrafts are way better than the branded products in several ways.


  1. Uniqueness

Handicrafts are unique in their making as no one piece is quite like the rest. Each product is handmade which means that each item turns out different and unique in features and formation. Unlike the branded products that are made identical, handicrafts are produced slowly and separately to bring out the beauty in each item.

  1. Environmentally friendly

The materials that are used to make handicrafts are mostly recyclable as they come from natural products such as trees and stones. These materials don’t harm the environment during the process of production or after the production. Should they be disposed of, handicrafts don’t harm the environment either because they are biodegradable.

  1. Re usability of waste materials

Some of the handicrafts made utilize materials that are considered as trash in the house. These include bottles, cans cardboard boxes, magazines, clothes, plastic cups and plastic papers. The use of these items to make handicrafts helps conserve the environment as it reduces littering.

  1. Availability of raw materials

The production process of handicrafts involves the recycling of household products. This means that the raw materials for making handicrafts are readily available everywhere and they are cheap as they are not bought like the ones used to make branded products.

  1. Good quality

Since handicrafts are made individually and singularly, their quality is often quite high. Considering that not many people buy them and only the best quality get sold, the ones making them has to ensure that all their products are of the best quality. This ensures only the best quality gets to the market.

  1. Encourages creativity and art

Handicrafts are products of artistic perception and practice. The making of handcrafts therefore improves the creativity of the maker and promotes art.

  1. Encourages economic growth

As a small or medium enterprise, handcraft making is a business venture that helps the growth of the economy as it fetches good money. Considering that handicrafts need minimum financial investment for raw materials or for the production process, it can be a great business venture. Handicrafts as pieces of art can also fetch quite an amount at auctions making for great returns to the economy.


Handicrafts, though seen as old and outdated products by some, make for unique, beautiful and good quality gifts and appliances for the house. Considering that they are environmentally friendly and that they assist in recycling, the making and purchase of handicrafts is one of the best choices ever.