The Christmas period is a very popular season of the year all around the world. It is a season filled with merrymaking, exchanging of gifts and thanksgiving amongst families, friends and occasionally strangers. Inasmuch as it is a great time, the after effects of all the wrapping and gift packages result in pollution to the environment. This overshadows the pomp and color that surrounds the season making it harmful to the environment. However, there are several simple tactics that can be used to ensure a green Christmas that has all the elements of thanksgiving and protects the environment.

How to make a green Christmas

  1. Choose gifts made from recycled sources

Gifts that are made of recycled materials are a great way to conserve the environment while promoting the Christmas spirit. They make for great gifts to those who receive them and greater gifts for the environment.

  1. Give a previously given gift or re-gift

A gift that was given that is not wanted can be given to another person during Christmas to promote a green Christmas. It’s an easy way to make space in the house and conserve the environment at the same time.

  1. Buy locally made gifts

The effect of transportation of foreign made gifts and products on the environment is immense. To reduce this, purchasing gifts that are made locally will be of great help to the environment.

  1. Make the gifts personally

The idea that gifts have to be bought is a major contribution to environmental degradation as most of the gifts bought are not recyclable. Making a gift is a great way to show the Christmas spirit while ensuring the environment is safe.

  1. Save on energy

The use of Christmas lights is a tradition for most families that celebrate it around the world. Christmas lights are left on throughout the period of Christmas which heavily uses power. To have a green Christmas, the lights can be switched off when they are not needed.

  1. Avoid the use of disposable effects

Instead of using paper napkins plates and cups during the Christmas period of every year, the use of ordinary silverware and re-usable utensils will help conserve the environment during the celebrations.

  1. Use alternative Christmas trees.

The traditional firs and pines used during Christmas often get discarded immediately after the festivities which lead to wastage. Alternative trees can be used to ensure the environment is cared for.



Christmas is a season of celebration and thanksgiving. With these simple practices, it can be a season with a difference for the environment as well.