Nature is amazing and beautiful in many aspects and it compliments us in various ways and it is good to give back to nature from time to time through various eco activities. Earth day is when most of these activities happen but it is good to break the norm and do it on your personal time where there no too much crowds. Eco activities are vast and range from the normal nature walks to getting involved to the process of nature itself through planting trees watering among other things. It is good to feel one with the nature and get to understand its rhythm.

  1. Nature walk

Taking a nature walk has been advised by doctors as therapy to release stress; this is by surrounding yourself with an entirely different environment. Nature walk is a good way to appreciate nature and understand it better, through checking out the different kind’s trees, plants, listening to birds chirping makes you to be more appreciative of nature. Nature walk is a good eco activity you can always undertake over the weekends and not necessarily waiting for earth day.

  1. Tree planting

Green is good to both the environment and our wellbeing; a tree provides a shade and in turn also makes the environment look. A one-time monthly activity on tree planting can prove to be a good activity where by you can even invite friends and family and make it a full day tree planting activity. This is a good eco activity that can prove to be worthwhile to both you and the environment.

  1. Use reusable market bags

Plastic bags do not decompose and thus continuous use of plastic bags is a threat to the environment. An eco-activity that can ensure continuity of the environment is the use of reusable bags when going to the market is an activity you can undertake to ensure you play you part in conserving the environment.


  1. Use eco-friendly energy

Domestic and vehicle fuel is critical to the environment toxic fuel affects the ozone layer when it is burnt resulting to global warming which in turn is bad to the environment. Using eco-friendly energy is a personal activity than can help improve the environment.

There so many eco-friendly activities you can carry out daily without necessarily waiting for Earth day to do so. Eco activities are beneficial to the wellbeing of our environment and it is a good step for you to find some personal time you can dedicate towards the betterment of the eco-system.